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Nothing tops 210 Restaurant when it comes to being a restaurant par excellence for its lucky clientele from the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. We have been considered a leading restaurant serving Chicagoland for close to seven decades and our loyal patrons have been coming to us for our unparalleled menu and sticking around for the awesome music! Customers can bet on Chef Jeff Tomchek to create the most unique and exquisite cuisine customized specifically for your upcoming event at the 210 Restaurant. We offer our clientele party hall rentals for anniversaries, birthday celebrations, corporate meetings, mitzvahs, retirement dinners, reunions and weddings, as well as providing a semi-private party room. In addition to being recognized as the finest restaurant in the region, 210 also arranges for some of the most first-rate live entertainment in the industry. We are able to accommodate up to 350 invited guests, or, on the other hand, you can entertain a more intimate group of 50 or fewer guests in one of our private rooms. Consequently, when North Shore residents are seeking the best restaurant with the most delectable cuisine, the only name they need to know is 210 Restaurant.

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North Shore, Illinois consists some of the most affluent northern suburbs with more than 400,000 residents. Highwood, home of 210 Restaurant, is easy to access by all customers from the North Shore suburbs. North Shore patrons understand that we uphold the premise that “great food is born from the best ingredients.” We endeavor to bring our North Shore customers the healthiest food products. Our products come from sources that support the best farming practices. Furthermore, we ensure that our North Shore customers will always receive the best from 210 Restaurant. Whether they are thirsty for a classic cocktail or a trendy new beverage creation, we provide fresh herbs and fruit so it will be absolute perfection! Further, even if it is a locally crafted beer, 210 Restaurant considers our drinks to be a passion not an afterthought! North Shore residents know that not only will we meet their expectations, but we will most likely exceed them.

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At 210 Restaurant, we do business with suppliers and farmers who maintain only the highest standards. Also, with regard to entertainment, we offer music talent that not only sounds fantastic, but it is enjoyable as well as free! Moreover, all of the 210 Restaurant performers have microphones and everything passes through a sound board mixed by a sound engineer. We control the volume so that the sound can be enjoyed, but also allows for you to engage in regular conversation at your table. For the mouthwatering cuisine, craft beers, cosmopolitan cocktails and knock-your-socks-off entertainment, call 210 Restaurant, today, at: (847) 433-0304!

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